If you’re looking for the most experienced cocktail pianist on Long Island, Ryder Entertainment has a wide variety of artists for you to choose from. Our musicians are available to perform at a variety of occasions and add that special touch to intimate gatherings in the home or large corporate functions, reunions, and charity events.

Our stable of talented cocktail pianists on Long Island includes former multiple Emmy Winners, award winning recording artists, and respected college professors at the top of their game. Indeed, our featured cocktail pianists have regularly performed in Manhattan supper clubs, Atlantic City nightclubs and other exclusive venues here in the United States; however, their talent is truly world-class.

In fact, we employ a featured cocktail pianist here on Long Island that has performed in London, Paris, Dubai, Stockholm and other remarkable locations in addition to singing in 5 languages!

From old Jazz classics to modern Rock and Pop, and even classical/opera our cocktail pianists’ playlists set the mood for your event.

Finding a fine cocktail pianist on Long Island can sometimes be difficult. There are a lot of agencies out there offering “talent.” However, our musicians are professionals who have years or even decades of performance experience under their belts. They can adapt to a wide range of events or music styles and work with you to create a playlist that sets the mood no matter how large or small your guest list is.

A wedding, bar mitzvah, dinner party, corporate affair, private event, a convention center, wherever it is you may need a cocktail pianist to perform on Long Island, Manhattan, the Hamptons or Westchester – we can provide you with the ideal artist.

We can use your existing instruments or set up our own. From electronic keyboards and high-tech sound systems to the simplistic elegance of a traditional piano, Ryder Entertainment will cater to your needs.

Simply put, Ryder Entertainment has a cocktail pianist right here on Long Island that will suit your requirements – no matter how stringent they may be. We only employ the best talent and rigorously vet any applicants. Our jazz, rock, pop, and classical piano players have to pass a detailed interview process and audition before they ever become part of our team.

This process has resulted in a wide range of talented pianists that can perform jazz standards, pop icons, classical masterpieces or whatever else your event might require. Some of our more versatile cocktail pianists can even sing their own accompaniment. (Or we can provide fine vocalists if you so desire.) And all of our talented pianists take requests within their genres.

Ryder Entertainment truly caters to the individual event and strives to make each performance unique and tailored to meet your needs. And that’s why we’ve enjoyed such great success.

We are proud to have been a part of so many memorable moments in people’s lives and happy to have such vocal fans of our cocktail pianists from all over the Long Island Community. In fact, many of our current clients come to us as referrals from past clients or because they saw one of our piano players perform elsewhere.

It’s humbling to hear some of the praise that our satisfied patrons have sent us in thanks:

  • “I’m hearing nothing but raves on the music at the candlelight dinner last night. Thank you for bringing so much enjoyment to our residents.”
  • “His background music was perfect for the occasion, providing, as the host of the party put it, the ‘icing on the cake’.”
  • “Pianist Ralph was great and added just the right atmosphere to a quaint 50th birthday dinner of 100 guests.”

Our objective is to make your affair as memorable as possible for your guests and as stress-free as can be for you, the host. The artistry of our cocktail pianists will keep your guests happy; their professionalism will make it easy for you to enjoy